Evaluating/Scoring Body Condition

It is a good idea to monitor the weight and body condition of your horse. It is usually not convenient to actually weigh your horse but you can get a reasonably accurate weight on your horse (this will vary with horses of extreme variance in size) by using a weigh tape or at least monitor changes in the weight of your horse from month to month. Another way to monitor changes in the condition of your horse is to estimate the amount of fat cover on your horse through Body Condition Scoring. The Kenneke Body Condition Scoring System is one of the most common used and it employs a scale from 1 to 9, with 1 being emaciated to a 9 being obese. A score of 5 is ideal for most breeds and disciplines. If you are not familiar with this technique it would be advisable to access a colour chart to help you properly assess your horses’s body condition score.